Angela De Carvalho

Director of Business Development

Over the course of the past 10 years, Angela has had the opportunity to curate a unique and diverse level of experience within various types of design, commercial real estate, procurement, business, and finance. She has taken great pride in her ability to mold the best of both her creative and logical worlds into a successful career.
Always having a penchant for details and understanding how things work, Angela has a specialization in fields of work very specific to hospitality. This allows Angela to understand the bigger picture, from top to bottom and has meant getting to know a number of clients, operators, and fellow consultants alike, to be able to offer solutions from any perspective.
Angela has managed an extensive project portfolio and has had a hand in reshaping the luxury hospitality landscape across Canada in more recent years with Jones Lang LaSalle. As the hospitality market has evolved and thus presented the need for more livable and relatable environments, her past experience in luxury residential design has become a great asset.
Angela’s philosophy remains steadfast in her personal and professional life, where “diversity, collaboration, and inclusivity breeds success”.